My name is Daniel Kuhl and I am working now for about 20 years in the IT industry. Here is a short overview of my career starting from my first steps with Information Technologies.

In 2000 I finished the technical college in electrical engineering and after nine month of military service I started my career. I started as an apprenticeship in 2002 as a classical Telecommunication Engineer for Deutsche Telekom. From 2005 to 2006 I was working for T-Systems within the Service Delivery Team responsible for leased-lines and different types of business circuits. During this time I started to transform step by step more into IT Networks and and also some IT Security.

After my time at T-Systems I started in 2006 studying information and communication technology and had a part-tome job at a small IT Network Consulting company. I gathered a lot of experiences during this time and earned the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. Finally I became a Network Engineer, quit my study, and worked full-time for the small IT Network Consulting company in client projects. I developed quickly and became a CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) in Routing & Switching, now called CCNP Enterprise, Security, and later Design which was removed now.

In 2011, I was the Co-founder of NSCON Network Services & Consulting GmbH where I am still working in a dual position as CTO / CIO and Network Engineer on customer projects from various branches. After almost 13 years, I decided to leave the company for new challenges.

I am trying to be a lifelong learner and share my knowledge with the community and encourage all to do the same. I am holding several industry certifications, mostly Cisco as stated before, but I am always looking beyond the plate for other vendors in the field and being open-minded.

Driving technology innovations on all various parts of my daily job is my passion. Constantly evolvement, improvement, and further education are my daily expectations to myself. I try to bring that mentality to our company and motivate our employees to take this approach into account and evolve their knowledge and skills. Standing still is no option, but I am also a friend of a good work life balance. Only healthy and satisfied people are doing an excellent job.

Currently I am very focused on several topics related to IT Network Programmability and Automation. Beginning of 2021 I earned the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification and in November 2021 I took the ENAUTO (Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions) exam. After a really hard study work I completed the DEVCOR (Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs) exam in June 2022 and became a Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.

Now I am working on the preparation for the Cisco DevNet Expert lab exam. In September 2023, I took my first lab attempt, but failed. The second lab attempt is planned for 2024.

Thank you for visiting my blog site. Don’t hesitate to contact me in any case of interest regarding IT networks and beyond. I am always happy to help.


Since 2021 I am part of Cisco Champions program and from 2022 also part of the Cisco Designated VIP program. Most of my verified achievements and obtained certifications are available on Credly.