My name is Daniel Kuhl and I am working now for about 20 years in the IT industry. Here is a short overview of my career starting from my first steps with Information Technologies.

In 2000 I finished the technical college in electrical engineering and after nine month of military service I started my career. I started as an apprenticeship in 2002 as a classical Telecommunication Engineer for Deutsche Telekom. From 2005 to 2006 I was working for T-Systems within the Service Delivery Team responsible for leased-lines and different types of business circuits. During this time I started to transform step by step more into IT Networks and and also some IT Security.

After my time at T-Systems I started in 2006 studying information and communication technology and had a part-tome job at a small IT Network Consulting company. I gathered a lot of experiences during this time and earned the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. Finally I became a Network Engineer, quit my study, and worked full-time for the small IT Network Consulting company in client projects. I developed quickly and became a CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) in Routing & Switching, now called CCNP Enterprise, Security, and later Design which was removed now.

In 2011, I was the Co-founder of NSCON Network Services & Consulting GmbH where I am still working in a dual position as CTO / CIO and Network Engineer on customer projects from various branches. I am trying to be a lifelong learner and share my knowledge with my Employees and the community and encourage all to do the same. I am holding several industry certifications, mostly Cisco as stated before, but I am always looking beyond the plate for other vendors in the field and being open-minded.

Driving technology innovations on all various parts of my daily job is my passion. Constantly evolvement, improvement, and further education are my daily expectations to myself. I try to bring that mentality to our company and motivate our employees to take this approach into account and evolve their knowledge and skills. Standing still is no option, but I am also a friend of a good work life balance. Only healthy and satisfied people are doing an excellent job.

Currently I am very focused on several topics related to IT Network Programmability and Automation. Beginning of 2021 I earned the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification and in November 2021 I took the ENAUTO (Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions) exam. Now I am working on completing the DEVCOR (Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs) exam to became a Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me in any case of interest regarding IT networks and beyond. I am always happy to help.


The most of my verified achievements are available on Credly.