Recently the Cisco Designated VIPs were announced. For the first time in my career I was nominated as a one of the Cisco Designated VIP! I felt really honored and proud to get the opportunity join a group of awesome and outstanding people.

The Cisco Designated VIP program recognized the top contributors in Cisco’s online communities known as the Cisco Learning Network and the Cisco Support Community. These VIPs earned this status by helping people in those online communities and sharing their knowledge and expertise. The experience and the quality of the Cisco Designated VIPs contributions is proofed and can be trusted.

2022 CLN VIP

I was taken into account because of my contributions in the Cisco Learning Network. Especially during the last year on which I was really heavily active in the Cisco Modeling Labs Personal and Cisco DevNet Certifications communities. It is so much fun to help other people with issues or help getting familiar with the community, technologies, and tools.

Sometimes it is only about putting people into the right direction, showing where to find more information and/or documentation. There are many questions which seem to be solved easily, but we all know situations where we were stuck into an issue and didn’t find a solution ourself. The Cisco Learning Network helped us to find a solution in previous discussions or by starting a new thread about our problem and we got help from other community members. Don’t be shy, don’t think about to hide beginner questions, because we were all beginners sometime and there are definitely no stupid questions, only those which were not asked.

Overall the Cisco Learning Network is a very helpful and kind community and I can highly recommend to join and contribute. Below you will find a collection of links about getting started on the Cisco Learning Network and more details about the Cisco VIP program. Start your journey in the Cisco Learning Network community and check out the requirements to become a Cisco Designated VIP. Please take a look at the new forum for the Community Impact Program and consider to participate here. It is all about giving back.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. You will find all information how to contact me at the button of the page. Thanks for reading.